What We Do


Whether a client wants quality AV for a small boardroom meeting or a four-day conference for a few hundred delegates, Upstage’s expert AV technicians and years of technical experience will get the job done. With advanced technical equipment, creative ideas and expert crew, your conference will be a stand out event.

We can also record your conference event for later use or record and live stream the content to widen your audience reach.

Launches & Exhibitions

A product launch is a critical time for any company. The success of the next product launch could determine your company’s survival. Whether it is a business, product or “build awareness” launch event, we understand how important it is for you to represent your brand and messaging throughout your event, we can achieve this by integrating your branding into custom-designed printed backdrops. This is a cost-effective, versatile branding solution that can be used for all event sizes and types and it is a great way of delivering a message, promoting a product, enhancing the theme of an event or building recognition of a brand.

Exhibition stands generally always require AV and technical services. From cutting-edge vision products, the latest in lighting effects right down to crystal clear audio systems, microphones and basic stand AV – to working with our preferred partners for custom designed sets, we are your one-stop-shop for all exhibition needs.

Award & Gala Nights

In the age of digital media, we can use our technical expertise to enhance your event with the latest design and multimedia production solutions. From simple PowerPoint or Keynote designs that reflect your brand, to fully animated multi-screen motion graphic videos, we use the most effective methods of transporting your message and branding. We can project impressive imagery onto any surface imaginable, creating stunning displays to compliment your awards evening.

Upstage’s depth of experience, high levels of customer service and technical assistance means that event planners can fully focus on their other responsibilities without having to manage our team. If you haven’t worked with us yet, we welcome the opportunity to show you how easy and professional our team is and how comprehensively we can address your needs.

We know that a corporate event is a reflection of your company and our team has the experience and equipment to make your event hassle free. Upstage’s state-of-the-art lighting and creative team can design dramatic lighting effects to create memorable events.

Stage Productions


Executing the perfect production begins with accurately mapping out the details. In any venue where a production will occur, there are multiple considerations that must be thought out well in advance of the show date. This can best be accomplished only after an accurate floor plan is created. When partnering with Upstage, we use CAD drawings to create a striking design render of your event ideas to assist you in visualising what your stage production is going to look like.

Stages are designed based on the venue’s parameters using rendering software. By doing this we can ensure that what we design will look 99% the same in real life and avoid any surprises on the day of your day. Our in-house designers have the creativity and experience to render designs to your event needs/vision whether it is an annual general meeting, fashion show, awards ceremony, product launch or conference.



Safe and Reliable Rigging Solutions are core to the Upstage team.

The Upstage rigging team address the need for structural safety and our dependable riggers draw on years of experience to provide solutions at any setup to reduce setup and dismantle times, as well as offer flexible creativity in event design.

Upstage organises International rigging courses held in South Africa to train technicians all around the country to meet industry safety standards.

Upstage’s team are trusted by our clients and we continue to staff our clients’ productions and events with the industry’s best audio designers, engineers, mixers, riggers, stage hands and technicians


It’s a big day!

Create a magical atmosphere with beautiful wedding lighting

Your first considerations as a Bride, planning a wedding, are the ‘known and expected’. The technical side is of little interest and falls very far down on the checklist. It is often the last to be thought of and budgeted for, yet is such an important consideration to bear in mind. Our team will work with you to devise a tailored audio-visual solution to enhance your wedding vision that is within your budget.

Lighting works particularly well and is relatively inexpensive and can truly transform any venue. Subtle lighting keeps things simple and elegant, yet adds to the ambience by creating different colours and moods to the décor and room throughout the evening.

Custom designed gobos are an elegant way to compliment your wedding’s style and theme, giving that extra added touch. Chandeliers are also very elegant and change the feel of any venue. Fairy lights give away a pretty effect too.

Depending on your wedding venue, style and number of guests, we can also ensure all your special moments are captured and shared using strategically positioned high-quality screens and crystal-clear audio equipment.

Stages for top tables to be elevated and dance floors are also provided by Upstage, along with generators to ensure you can have your dream wedding – quite literally – anywhere.

Parties & Movie Nights

The success of an event is not based on the magnitude of it but rather the approach taken to see its success.

If you are having an intimate party at your home or wanting to create a movie night outside in your garden, Upstage always approaches every small event with the same enthusiasm that we would do for bigger events such as live productions and gala dinners. Our approach to every event, big or small,  means that our clients do not feel burdened by the technical aspect of their function. Our team are there to assist making any event as easy as breathing.

The Flying Man

With over 23 years of experience in the industry, it’s no wonder why The Flying Man is a much sought after entertainer.

With acts ranging from the Spinning Cube and the German Wheel to his Silk Flying Act, the Flying Man is a true example of what the human body can do when pushed to the limits. The Flying Man has performed for companies such as the Aids Trust, Pink Drive, FNB, Standard bank, EOH etc. He has also been part of the entertainment for shows such as Miss South Africa and Skouspel. Many corporate companies have used the Flying Man for car launches such as Ford and VW as well as company’s awards evening such as Bidvest, ANN7.